My name is Zachary Reese and I'm a designer from Philadelphia. I work at a University of Pennsylvania think-tank where I create projects like the political literacy site and the teaching tool Civics Renewal Network. I also founded Sport, a design agency specializing in virtual reality. My work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, MTV, USA Today, and tons of other places. I feel like I'm doing okay for myself.

A Guide to Effective Zika Coverage


Put together this brochure/webpage aimed at increasing the quality of news coverage devoted to the Zika virus. This was spurred by Annenberg Science Knowledge survey results that found 46% of people in the US incorrectly think Zika always produces noticeable symptoms. On top of that, 36% think an adult with Zika is likely to die from it. That seems kind of ridiculous for a subject that’s getting 24/7 news coverage, no? The idea is that if journalists and newscasters follow the best practices we’ve outlined, understanding of Zika goes up, and, in turn, health risks go down.

I did the bulk of the writing, copy editing and layout on this project, as well as designing the webpage and doing the illustrations.


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