My name is Zachary and I'm a new media artist from Philadelphia.

I create engaging content... websites, videos, games, apps, that sort of thing. I work at a University of Pennsylvania think-tank and I'm responsible for projects such as the political literacy site and the teaching tool Civics Renewal Network. My work has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, PBS, MTV, USA Today, and tons of other places. I use this website as a process blog. Click here to view my portfolio.

Atomic Buddies


I’ve been playing with Atomic, which is a new web-based UI prototyping tool. Made this little animation in about an hour. Sort of a neat tool, aside from only offering a month-to-month subscription plan instead of a flat license fee. It’s actually a lot like Macromedia Director, if you can remember that far back. The only supported elements are circles, rectangles, lines and text, so it was a fun experiment to build characters using just those building blocks.

Video Games & Makeup

Little animation from a long video I’m working on about YouTube. I rarely get to work on actual motion graphics anymore now that I’m more of a manager, but, man… I love animation. It’s so rewarding to toil over these little keyframes and see everything come together in a big way. Not sure if this video will ever be released for public consumption, but it’s full of fun stuff like this.

Year One


These are concepts for invites to my daughter’s first birthday party. I thought it would be cool to visualize how she must see adults, since her biggest priority seems to be doing big people stuff like grabbing cellphones and putting her hands in cups of coffee. My partner’s reaction to the concept was “Why can’t you just make a normal invitation? Just once.”



Print-Friendly Emoji


I’m working on a couple print products that use emoji, but apparently no one has made good one color or two color emoji? So I’ve been making some. Might open source them when I’m done (which can be tricky since University of Pennsylvania technically owns everything I create).

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